Henryk Slawik

Henryk Slawik

The Man Who Saved Thousands

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Henryk Slawik: The Man Who Saved Thousands

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Edmund Burke once said, "All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing." The evils that prevailed in the Holocaust were allowed because many good men did nothing.

"American Air Force."
World War II in Photographs.

We know that not all good men were silent though. Many let their conscience guide them to action. Men, such as Raoul Wallenberg and Oscar Schindler, sacrificed everything, including time and money, to help those being persecuted.

"Fire at Warsaw."
Warsaw Ghetto. p.75

But as Wallenberg worked tirelessly from Sweden and Schindler, from Germany, another lesser-known rescuer labored from Poland and Hungary: Henryk Slawik. Slawik and his associates were responsible for rescuing more than 30,000 Polish refugees, 5000 of those being Jews. Through his actions, he created a lasting legacy that has spanned generations. This is his story.




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